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"If you think you know the ancient Persia, think again!"
History of Music
Prof. Richard Dumbrill

The Event

Organised by Persian Wonders in collaboration with Cambridge University Persian Society And Oxford University Persian Society

The event will take place both in Cambridge and Oxford
Contact: event@persianwonders.com

Location: CAMBRIDGE - Corpus Christi College - McCrum Lecture Theatre
Date: 14/10/2023
Time: 13:30-16:30

Location: OXFORD - Christ Church
Date: 28/10/2023
Time: TBA

We are honoured to host Prof. Richard Dumbrill to have a unique experience understanding music history in the Near East, particularly in Iran. It is a highly educational event, including live music, and also, for the first time, we will unveil a harp which is inspired by the oldest harp in the world, exclusively reproduced for Persian Wonders. We are also honoured to display a reproduction of the Elamite harp of the battle of Ulai by Richard Dumbrill.
Chogha Mish mid-fourth millennium BCE

Who is Richard Dumbrill?

Richard J. Dumbrill is a British archaeomusicologist, pianist, composer and conductor. Dumbrill is a relativist musicologist who opposes Universalism and Occicentrism theories in his field. Dumbrill has studied the archaeomusicology of the Ancient Near East, especially the interpretation of cuneiform texts of Music Theory written in Sumerian, Babylonian and Hurrian.

Dumbrill's interpretation of music theory is based on his knowledge of Middle-Oriental Musicology. He rejects (Pythagorean) ditonism and heptatonic and particularly rejects the hypothesis of dichords in the Musicology of the Ancient Near East. Dumbrill translated the oldest song ever written, found in northwest Syria at the site of Ugarit. From Woolley's notes, he reconstructed the Silver lyre of Ur (at the British Museum) with Myriam Marcetteau. Dumbrill also rebuilt the Elamite harp of the battle of Ulai, with Margaux Bousquet. Dumbrill donated one of his harps to the Ministry of Culture in Iraq. Drumbill is the founder, with Irving Finkel of the International Council of Near Eastern Archaeomusicology (ICONEA) at the Institute of Musical Research, School of Advanced Studies, University of London,. Dumbrill has lectured at Harvard and Yale in Iraq, Beirut, Damascus, Leiden, Rotterdam, and Paris.

Richard Dumbrill's Books

Live Music

Live instruments play by Babak Mirzaei (Vocalist and play Tar) and Keyhan Khamoshi (play Tombak) to give a profound experience of the root of ancient music.

Harps on display

Elamite Harp of the battle of Ulai - 653 BCE
Inspired by Chogha Mish harp mid-fourth millennium BCE

This event displays two objects, and we are proud to show the reconstructed Elamite harp of the battle of Ulai by Richard Dumbrill and unveil a instrument inspired by the oldest harp in the world from Chogha Mish*, exclusively made for Persian Wonders for the first time. *The reproduction object is from the Persian Wonders collections. The display plinths provided by Amëoz Group Ltd

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You can book your ticket via email Please let us know how many tickets you need. Email booking: Please send us your name and the number of tickets then we will generate tickets for you and send them to your provided email address. evnet@persianwonders.com
Q. Can I attend the event without a ticket?
No, the tickets are free. You have to book your ticket online, and tickets are limited. Please reserve your seat and take advantage of this event.
Q. What is Persian Wonders?
Persian Wonders is a cultural, non-profit, non-bias, apolitical team focused on the subject of ancient Persia.
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Yes, please let us know as soon as possible.
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Unfortunately, no, we're closing the booking site before the event.
Q. I am disable can I attend?
Yes, of course, one of our staff will help you daily.
Q. Is this event different from other everyday events?
Persian Wonders events are different as we would like to have engaging and memorable events by having special guests, having display shows and creating a friendly environment.
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